Polkarama Season Four


Staring three-time Grammy winner Walter Ostanek and The Western Senators. DVDs of the show are available by mail order though this site and by calling 306-545-1865.


Polkarama Season Four Episodes 1-4


PolkaRama DVD 1

Show 1
Oktoberfest Is Here To Stay Polka, Uncle Nick's Polka, Laendler #7, I Saw A Rainbow Polka, The Key's In The Mailbox, Take Me As I Am, Whiskey River, You Are My Sunshine Polka.


Show 2
Let's Have A Party Polka, Wishbone Polka, Loretta Polka, Clap Happy Polka, Clarinet Polka, Uncle Pen, A Way to Survice, Augustine Waltz, Gregor's Polka.


Show 3
Buy Now Joy Joy Polka, Cheese and Crackers Polka, Whoop Polka, Polka Poppers Polka, Roseanne Polka, Different Kind of Flower, New Heartache, Garden City Polka, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Polka.


Show 4
Stand And Sing Polka, Twilight Polka,

Maria Polka, Marylou Polka, Kiss Me Tonight Waltz,

Button Accordion Polka, I Love An Old Fashioned Polka,

Baby Doll Polka.

Polkarama Season Four Episodes 5-8


PolkaRama DVD 1Show 5

Old Oklahoma Polka, Strawberry Hill Polka, Isle of Capri Polka, A Night In May Waltz, Syney's Waltz, Another Bridge To Burn, Senuous Woman.


Show 6

You Told Me OUnce Polka, Bye Bye My Baby, In Heaven There Is No Beer, Old Oklahoma Waltz, Unvle Pen, Texas Two-Step Medley.


Show 7

When You're Away Polka, Ukranian Polka, Euclid Vets Polka, Joe's Polka, Farewell Party, I Knew From The Start Polka.


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Show 8

Oktoberfest Waltz, Sersen's Polka, Miller's Polka, A Night May Waltz, Sydney's Waltz, Long Black Veil, Augustine Waltz, Pecon Polka.


Polkarama Season Four Episodes 9-12


PolkaRama DVD 1Show 9

Joy Joy Polka, Oktoberfest Medley, June Waltz, Marylou Polka, Kiss Me Tonight, Morning After Baby Let Me Down, Face To The Wall, Cheese and Crackers Polka.


Show 10

Old Oklahoma Polka, Snow Waltz, TP Polka, Marylou Polka, Misery Lovest Company, Undo The Right Medley, Ding Dong Polka, Wally And Andy's Polka.


Show 11

You Told Me Once YouLove Me, Gornik's Polka, Safeway Waltz, Night IN May,

That's Alright Mama, Folsom Prison Blues,

Sukaloski Polka, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.

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Show 12

While You're Away, Wally And Andy's Polka, Be Satisfied Polka, Four Fellas Polka, Sydney's Waltz, Please Don't Squeeze My Charmin, Pyramid Polka, Julyda Polka.